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We are Side Bearings, the forefront of digital typography innovation.

At Side Bearings, we’re more than just enthusiasts; we’re pioneers in the evolving world of typography. Our mission is to bridge the gap between traditional typography and the digital era’s cutting-edge trends. We believe that typography is not just a design element but a powerful tool that shapes the future of visual communication.

Our team, a blend of seasoned designers and fresh visionaries, is dedicated to exploring and sharing the most innovative practices in typography. From the intricacies of font design to the impact of typography in various digital mediums, we cover it all. Our content is tailored to ignite creativity and provide valuable insights, whether you’re an industry veteran or a design student eager to learn.

Join us at Side Bearings as we delve into the dynamic and exciting world of digital typography, where tradition meets innovation, and every article is a step into the future of design.

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